Woodstock resident's original Star Wars musical parody comes to Marietta

The Spirit of Broadway presents an original show for 2013, The Skywalkers, benefiting the Compassion Programs of the Metropolitan Community Center in Atlanta.

This hysterical atypical Star Wars parody, written by Woodstock resident Trevor Petty, is "honest and respectful to each and every action in the six film saga." However, Petty saw an opportunity to create story lines, motives and intentions not originally in any of the movies. The Skywalkers will be performed on Friday and Saturday, September 6th and 7th  at 8 p.m. at the Alley Stage Theatre in Marietta.

All in all, the "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" audiences will get to enjoy an evening of great singing, fantastic dancing, and exciting stories. Whether you are a fan of Star Wars or not, this show will be fun, easy-to-understand and unforgettable. As with all the Star Wars movies, kids are a primary target-audience...right along with dudes who like space explosions, chicks who like a good love triangle and parents who like the occasional subtle innuendo of a Disney movie. Grandparents will also enjoy this show about a three generational family learning to cope with unlimited powers and their struggle to control the galaxy.

You can find the trailer here or go to The Skywalkers on Facebook for more info. Tickets are available for $20 each or 2 for $30. The Spirit of Broadway benefits the Homeless Outreach Programs of the Metropolitan Community Center. 100% of all proceeds fund the Food Bank, Weekly Hot Meal for the Needy, The Clothing Closet and all Compassion Programs.

Featuring: Barbara Allen, Gabrielle Claiborne, Danielle Coates, Mark Davis, Janay Ellis, Blake Feagin, Becca Hardy-Pino, Gail Jones, Richard Lang, Tiffany Longdottir, Mike Magursky, Jamie Mathis, Marlina McKay, Alexandra Pauley, Ruth Penfield, Trevor Petty, David Rivera, Dacus Stewart, Eric Vanpelt, Andrea White.


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