Kennesaw Neighborhoods Mapped by Wealth

A website shows the median rent and income levels of every city in America.

Curious how your rent and income levels compare to others in Kennesaw? The website Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks makes it easy to find out.

Using data from the American Community Survey, the site displays median rent and income figures by census tract.

The Kennesaw area is contained by 10 different tracts.

The highest median monthly rent in the area—$924—can be found in tract 302.27, which is bound by Jiles Road to the north and west, Cobb Parkway Northwest and McCollum Parkway Northwest to the south, and Cherokee Street to the east.

The lowest—$686—is in tract 301.06, which covers Baker Road to the north and east, Cowan Road to the west, and Hickory Grove Road Northwest to the south. 

The statewide middle rental-range for Georgia—defined as the middle 20 percent of census tracts—runs from $547 to $699. Most median rents in the Kennesaw area rent falls above that range.

As far as income, census tract 302.15 is the wealthiest with a median income of $82,643. Census tract 302.15 is bound by Cobb Parkway to the north, Mack Dobbs Road Northwest to the west, Stilesboro Road Northwest to the south, and Kennesaw Due West Road Northwest to the east. Census tract 301.06 has the lowest median income at $42,469.

The statewide middle-class income range for Georgia runs from $40,263 to $50,952. All of Kennesaw falls above that range.

For more information, visit Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks.

Census Tract Median Rent Median Income 301.03 $862 $73,098 301.06  $686
302.14  $845 $73,758 302.15 $880
302.23 $893
302.24 $918
302.26 $888
302.27 $924 $52,825 302.29 $760 $55,789 302.30 $884 $65,019


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