Christmas Footprint Wreath

This holiday art project is perfect for capturing your infant's precious, little footprints.

is nearly 4-months-old, and with her first Christmas only weeks away, the season suddenly seems more magical than ever. My thoughts turn to my own childhood and the many arts and crafts projects that made the holidays so special.

While Leizel may not be old enough to appreciate the season of giving, this simple art project is a great way for us moms to celebrate the holidays while capturing the wonder and innocence found in our infants' precious, little footprints.

This one's definitely going on the fridge.

Christmas Footprint Wreath


Red and green fingerpaints. Check.

Paper plate lined with wax paper. Check.

Paper. Check.

Adorable baby feet. Check.


1. Squirt fingerpaints onto plate. I used green and red paints, but feel free to have fun and be creative.

2. Apply green paint to bottom of right foot, leaving toes bare. Apply red paint to toes.

3. Press foot onto paper. And don't forget to get the toes! For squirmier babies, this may require a two-man effort. So call Hubby away from his work station, or ask Grandma to give you a hand. My mom held Leizel in place while I pressed her painted foot to the paper.

4. Reapply paint as needed, then repeat the process until you have a circle of five spaced-out footprints.

5. Repeat process with left foot, filling in the spaces until you have a perfect circle of 10 adorable Christmas footprints. For older kids, you can try the same process but with handprints instead.

Please share your own holiday craft ideas in our comments section below. And if you try out this art project, share the adorableness by uploading your photos to this article. Simply click the "Add photos" button below the main picture.


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