Outdoor Lazertag Comes to Kennesaw

The new business on Mack Dobbs Road offers fun for birthdays and corporate events.

Kennesaw has a new place for outdoor entertainment. Mike and Jennifer Randall opened Outdoor Lazertag in Kennesaw on Sept. 15. Originally located in Powder Springs for seven years, the business brings together both of their military and recreational pasts to make a new experience in laser tag. The field is located at 2925 Mack Dobbs Road.

The couple has set up a dynamic field spread out over four acres of hills and trees, secret passageways for flanking maneuvers, tin drum bunkers and wooden boards that reflect the beams of light. The outdoor laser tag experience can be a fun and creative way for kids to spend their birthdays without the cost or pain that comes along with a day at the paintball field, but it also allows for corporate events and team building.

Prices are $25 a person for 100 minutes or large groups can order party packages with a minimum of 10 people. Games last 15 minutes and up to 30 people can play at one time. Players have many options and skill levels to choose from. Parties can choose whether or not to have unlimited ammo and players can choose types of guns including shotguns, pistols and rifles, which can affect strategy and tactics. Randall said outdoor laser tag is, “less of a sport and more of a form of entertainment.” 

The Randalls come from a military background--Mike in the Navy and Jennifer in the Army, and Mike admits to being a paintball player, but is saddened by the prices and the competitiveness at such fields.  “I’m the one who brings a 300 marker to the paintball field and I always end up playing the guy who has spent 2000 dollars on his and shoots 10 times faster,” Randall said.

The business caters to younger crowds of usually 7 to 13 for birthday parties and youth groups, but they have also expanded their business for corporate events and meetings because of a structure where business can be discussed or even game tactics can be planned.

The outdoor laser tag experience is also mobile. The Randalls said they can transport the laser tag guns and collapsible mesh bunkers for a completely unique party or event. They have hosted events with their laser tag field, but have dreams of coming to Kennesaw State University for an event or game.

The new Kennesaw location is located on Mack Dobbs road off of Cobb Parkway adjacent to the at 2925 Mack Dobbs Road. For more info, go to lazertagusa.com, call (404)645-4281 or email lazertaglady@gmail.com.

Kristi Vinson September 28, 2011 at 08:28 PM
Sounds like a fun new activity in the area. Thanks for letting us know.


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