Help Girl Who Lost Her Leg in Winter Storm Accident

Fund set up to help a girl's treatment and rehabilitation after she lost her leg during a Cumberland-area accident this past January.

Mary Lindemulder. Courtesy http://www.gofundme.com/6p5mw0
Mary Lindemulder. Courtesy http://www.gofundme.com/6p5mw0
By Brian

Short version: Go here to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/6p5mw0

Losing a leg is one heck of a price to pay for helping get a car unstuck, but as you may already know, back in late January a girl lost her leg in just such a situation in Smyrna/Cumberland on Herodian Way close to the new stadium.

For those of you like me that were helping get people unstuck in the storm, that could have been any one of us. But now imagine being 13 years old and having that happen to you. As you may know, you have to pay for the best quality artificial legs that most closely mimic a real leg, otherwise you get something sub-par. There are other hidden costs, and that's even assuming she was insured. Beyond that, every aspect of her life will be a struggle. She deserves as close to a normal life as any 13 year old.

Someone was nice enough to set up a donation form. Please donate to help her: http://www.gofundme.com/6p5mw0. I am going to throw some money their way right now. You should too.

If you can't donate, then SHARE the donation link with others!

From the site: "On January 30th, Mary Lindemulder (13) was struck by a vehicle as she was helping push her mother's car out of the snow. Mary lost her left leg in the collision."

Original patch article (without information about the donation form): http://smyrna.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/teen-girl-has-leg-amputated-after-being-struck-by-c...


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