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Fed Up with The Almighty Mayor and Legacy Park Cronies!

Kennesaw Residents West of Cobb Pkwy, we are supposed to have our recycle and our trash picked up this week. When I called them on Friday, the first question asked of me was "DO YOU LIVE IN LEGACY PARK"? I had to think quick on my feet and it came to me and my response was "NO, I LIVE IN THE SLUMS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF 41"! Does it really matter whether I live in Legacy Park or not? Are they First on the Priority List because the Almighty Mayor of Kennesaw lives there or what?  I have about had it. It has been thrown up in our faces many times by The Mayor and his beloved past council that we were just not up to par with the Legacy Park People! Well, we see where the Legacy Park Voters stood on the Almighty Scale didn't we?  People, speak your minds just like you did when you voted 2 of 3 of the Mayor's Cronies out of the Council and New Council Members with Fresh Blood and Honesty.  Mr. Mayor, your term will be up soon and you will be sitting with your other two cronies holding the bag in Legacy Park! Enough is Enough! Remember my words in Chambers a few weeks back! It was not a threat, It was a Promise.  Be a Mayor and start to clean up this nasty looking city and stop worrying about new businesses coming in when you can not even patronize the ones that we have now. All Show No Go!
wmsmom February 17, 2014 at 09:52 AM
During our past two storms, I've gone to the City of Kennesaw website, which provided information on trash pickup on these two snowy/icy occasions. One time, they picked up on Saturday (versus our usual Thursday) and this time, they won't pick up until our next scheduled pickup day. I don't know why more people don't utilize the website for this type of information. Some of our neighbors seem to be wishing for a weekend pickup, as their cans are still at the end of their driveways.
Cris Eaton Welsh February 17, 2014 at 04:29 PM
I have spoken to our public works director. I would like to make sure accurate information is getting out. First, I commend our city staff on the way they handled our community needs during the two recent weather issues that were serious enough to have our community placed in a STATE OF EMERGENCY. Safety will always be our first priority. That being said, let's address the trash..... All routes except for the Thursday routes were collected on Saturday. Thursday route collections had to be delayed due to the weather. Additional crews from outside the area are not available like the first storm because the entire four state region was affected by last week’s storm, not just us. Again I understand this is an inconvenience and the frustration caused by the storms but everything possible is being done to get service back to normal. Our Public Works director talked to the other large private companies (Waste Manage, Waste Industries and American), they did not pick up any of this last week’s missed residents. Again, safety is our first priority.
Eileen Alberstadt February 17, 2014 at 11:47 PM
Did any of you guys really read what I posted? I said I called the City and the Woman made it clear to me if I lived in Legacy Park, my trash would be picked up! My main gripe was that I do not live in Legacy and should not have been asked that particular question. My stuff will stay at the curb until it is picked up. I don't care. The City of Kennesaw website is not user friendly at all. It is easier to speak to a live person. Unfortunately, this time, it was not what the residents wanted to hear. Butler Ridge is part of this community also. Don't all act surprised when I say we are trash or slums on this side of 41 when those words have come out of City Hall in the past year. Don't Sugar Coat things with me. It does not work! Ernie does a great job and I commend him for his hard work and due diligence with this city. This city needs more Ernies to get this city in ship shape.
wmsmom February 21, 2014 at 07:32 AM
Yes, I read what you wrote. All of it. Is it possible that what they meant when they asked where you lived that they had a specific schedule for Legacy Park due to its immense size? I don't think they implied anything, but you sure did infer a negative response. If you read my post, you would see that I was simply stating that the website related the trash pickup schedule so that you could have saved a few minutes and some heartache, by checking it out. I appreciate the website providing the information, and many people don't seem to take advantage of it.
JACQUE February 22, 2014 at 02:57 PM
My trash was picked up both weeks on Saturday and I don't live in Legacy Park. I thought that under the circumstances with the snow storms that the new garbage service did an exemplary job.


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