Poacher Kills Deer in Legacy Park Subdivision

Kennesaw Police tracked down the hunter by following the drag marks from the slain deer.

literally followed the trail of a poacher who killed a deer in a private subdivision in Kennesaw.

Police said they responded to a call Friday about possible animal entrails found in the backyard of a Cranbrook Walk home in the Legacy Park subdivision. Upon arriving at the home, officials said they found what appeared to be hair and entrails of a deer.

Police said they located two deer stands in the nearby tree line, along with an arrow and evidence something had been dragged through the woods. The officers followed the drag marks to a home on Forest Grove Pass in the New McEver Woods subdivision.

Officials said a female at the residence told them her brother, 29-year-old Alton Cain, had recently taken a deer to a local taxidermist.

A warden from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources contacted Cain, who admitted to hunting on the private property. Cain was charged with hunting on private property without permission and possession of illegally taken wildlife. He also received a warning for hunting without a license.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources took possession of the deer.

Joe Bozeman November 01, 2011 at 01:54 PM
I am in no way condoning the poaching of deer or hunting in a residential area, but deer have become a problem. They eat flowers and cause car accidents. I have noticed deer feeders in the yards of residences and this only makes the problems worse. Please do not feed wildlife, it makes them dependent on humans and they lose their ability to live on their own. Joe Bozeman
Christy Waits November 02, 2011 at 09:49 PM
I disagree. They eat flowers and cause car accidents? Why shouldn't they eat flowers? People build things everywhere and take up all their living space then complain because they try to cross a road or eat some of their flowers? Deer (and other animals) have a right to live too and people need to stop being so self-important.
C-Champ December 01, 2012 at 02:22 PM
Boy..... Christy, sounds like she hasn't got a good tree hug in a couple weeks? Animals have a right? In the constitution of national tree huggers for animals rights? Listen I love animals, and respect animals.... But animals were made (among other things) for human consumption. Back before these neighborhoods where here, they were hunted by the native Indians as a way of life. Now that no-body is hunting these animals, they are over populating the area. So if deer were intelligent enough to go press the crosswalk button before crossing streets, the I agree.... They have a "right to the streets" but since they are "animals" they run out in front of vehicles not knowing what they are. As a result, the deer usually suffers until it dies (because most people wouldn't have the respect to kill it to put it out if it's suffering) and the person driving the car now has to pay a lot of money to fix it, or in some case is injured. Bet that person wishes that deer had been killed by a hunter? Bet that hunter who could of killed that deer wishes it hadn't been hit by a car, so he could be enjoying all natural, hormone free, lean meat. Mmmm'mmmm.... Good! :)


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