Woman Sues Sheriff's Office

Taylor Hogan's baby died nine hours after his birth in the Cobb County jail.

The is being sued by a woman who says inadequate medical while in the jail led to her newborn baby's death.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Taylor Hogan delivered her baby in a bathroom in August 2010 at 5 1/2 months pregnant while she was incarcerated on a charge of possession of stolen property. Her baby, whom she named Savante, died nine hours later.

The newspaper reports that Hogan alleges in the lawsuit, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta, that she received inadequate medical care before and after her baby's birth.

"Nobody knows how I feel to not have him with me," Hogan told Channel 2 Action News. "I'm angry. I hear (a) baby's cry in my head. I have flashes."

Hogan also is suing , which provides medical care at the jail. The amount of compensation she is seeking was unspecified.

John Himot July 07, 2012 at 01:11 AM
Should have thought of that before you broke the law, your just as much at fault and even more so. You may of loved your child but you sure as hell did not act like it by breaking the law and ending up in jail in the first place. Stay out of jail the next time so your child can be proud of his Mom . Change your life and help guide the future of any other children you may have to do the right thing and obey the laws that we have. Simple as that.


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