330 Legacy Park Trees to Get the Ax

But some residents aren't happy that the trees are coming down.

Kennesaw plans to chop down 330 trees that have become a safety issue in the city's Legacy Park community.

According to CBS Atlanta, Kennesaw will spend between $50,000 and $75,000 to remove trees that have caused sidewalks to buckle and about $140,000 to repair 700 sections of damaged sidewalks.

But not everyone in Legacy Park is happy that the trees are coming down. Several residents told CBS Atlanta that they worry about the impact to the community's look.

danny orlando December 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM
When I grew up sidewalks were built around the trees. If some roots cracked a sidewalk you were just careful to step over the crack. Trees are so much more valuable to the ecosystem than sidewalks. Legacy Park has been advised by lawyers instead of arborists and therein lies the problem. Keep the trees.
G Snepp December 19, 2012 at 01:38 PM
The trees in Legacy Park were part of an approved by the city, Planned Urban Development.  Stephen McCauley, the Developer of Legacy Park won many prestigious awards for the innovative concept of combining children friendly environments, where sidewalks and 'green'  pathways encouraged families to enjoy being outside.  Gramercy, one of the neighborhoods within Legacy Park was designed w the trees as it's hallmark.  Just as it's namesake, Gramercy Park, in New York City, Gramercy in Kennesaw, Ga. was designed to be a tree lined safe haven for it's residences.  Maintaining, and even making circular expansions to sidewalks to accommodate the original approved growing trees, should be expected, as part of the City's approved  Planned Urban Developement Design.   It sounds like we have less than 60 days to change the city's plan to chop down 330 of Legacy Parks healthy Oak trees. Tree's that have sidewalks that should be maintained. 
John Himot December 20, 2012 at 04:51 AM
People of Legacy Park, please get over your special privileges that you seem to think you have over the rest of the city. OK we know most of the city council and mayor live in your little bit of heaven (LOL) still not a reason to think you are above the rest of us here in Kennesaw. I hate that 330 trees will be cut down as well but as per the normal the city did not plan well enough for the future. Trees and sidewalks have been a war with each other as long as there have been sidewalks, nothing knew about them growing bigger roots or bigger trunks as they have done so since time and trees began.


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