County: No Tornado Touchdown Wednesday

Paulding officials say the county escaped significant damage amid Wednesday’s severe weather that in neighboring Bartow County caused property damage and killed a man.

Paulding County dodged the proverbial bullet Wednesday as the day’s strong weather system led to a few road closures and affected school operations but caused no significant damage.

MaryAnn Phipps, coordinator and public information officer for Paulding County Fire/Rescue and Emergency Management Agency, told Dallas-Hiram Patch midday Thursday that the county sustained no significant damage nor had been made aware of any property damage.

Wednesday’s weather was not as kind to folks in other parts of the state. Adairsville in Bartow County was hit by a tornado that killed a man. Today, relief efforts are under way to help those impacted.

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Phipps said that while some weather spotters reported seeing clouds with rotation as Wednesday’s strong weather system passed through Paulding, no tornado touched down within the county. She added that National Weather Service officials were expected to visit the county today or Friday to measure the wind shear that occurred in the area; the assessment will be for their records only.

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