Jiles Road Project to Be Completed Ahead of Schedule

The scheduled completion date is July 16, but officials think crews will be done before that.

The Jiles Road project is continuing to move forward and the completion will be ahead of schedule.

Georgia Power needs to complete their work at Publix. We are investigating a redesign of the wall that would allow us to proceed without the lines moving; lines would ultimately still have to move, but would not delay construction. This is the last outstanding utility issue.

The project is approximately 85 percent complete. The last major items are the wall and final paving; several smaller items are also left, e.g. sidewalks, driveways, shoulder grading, etc. We are installing an ornamental fence on wall 10, which is between Avalon and Moon Station Road. There are some sections of guardrail still to be installed.

Final paving will take place in March or April, weather permitting, and will take two to three weeks.

CMES continues to work on the section of Old 41 at Swift Cantrell Park.

The scheduled completion date is July 16, but we anticipate being substantially complete ahead of this date.

Project manager Haven Thomas is available to answer questions or meet for appointments. Please contact him at 404-849-2348 or at haven.thomas@cobbcounty.org. The best way to reach Mr. Thomas is to call or email for an appointment.

Thanks for your patience with this important project and please do not hesitate to contact me at 770-429-4544 or at skennedy@kennesaw-ga.gov should you have any questions.

Editor's note: This was written by Kennesaw city manager Steve Kennedy.


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