Kennesaw Teacher Named 'Clean Air Champion'

Jamee Douglas is a fifth grade teacher at Big Shanty Elementary.

Big Shanty Elementary fifth grader teacher Jamee Douglas has been named the Georgia Clean Air Campaign's 2012 Champion of the Year.

Here is the announcement from the Cobb County School District:

Jamee Douglas, fifth grade teacher at Big Shanty Elementary, was named 2012 Champion of the Year by the Georgia Clean Air Campaign as part of the organization’s PACE awards program.

For the past three years, Ms. Douglas has grown student involvement in reducing idling. During the fall, she works with student and parent volunteers to place scarecrows on school grounds that hold ‘No Idling’ signs reminding visitors to turn off their engines. During Clean Commute Week, Douglas led the commute logging charge for Big Shanty and as a result, the school had more participation than any other school in Georgia.

She has also partnered with the school nurse and school news team to educate students on the harmful effects of air pollution, as well as creating lesson plans about air quality.


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