Live Streaming Video: 'Bikes or Bust'

Members of Freedom Church in Acworth are living in a 50-feet scissor lift for 48 hours in an effort to raise hundreds of bikes for needy children.

Staff members of in Acworth have been living in a 50-feet scissor lift since 5 p.m., Thursday in an effort to raise hundreds of bikes for less-fortunate children at 14 Elementary schools within the Acworth and Kennesaw communities. 

The event is free to attend, and you can purchase a bike, make a donation, register your child to receive a free bike for Christmas, or just bring you family to enjoy the festivities. “Bikes or Bust” is a non-profit event facilitated as a Bless Back Project of Freedom Church and is taking place at .

To make a donation online, visit http://bikesorbust.tv/.


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