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Pelham's invention in action. Courtesy of ezbabysaver.com.
Igor July 2, 2014 at 04:53 pm
How about you pay attention. Course maybe if the baby was shaped like a cell phone (they never seemRead More to forget those).
Ellen R Majewski July 11, 2014 at 03:56 am
Already this summer there are far too many incidents of children and pets being left to die in hotRead More cars. Make a statement. Be alert. Let others know that this negligence is unacceptable. Buy a shirt, form a team, grab your friends and volunteer some time to do a car check the next time you are in a hot parking lot. Bring a hammer or crowbar just in case. This is a two tier project. First, preorder your t-shirt, tank top or hoody at http://teespring.com/windowbreaker T-shirt sales goal = 50 shirts in 20 days. For those who not familiar with teespring. com, pre-order your shirt on reserve. When the goal of 50 shirts is met or exceeded, shirts will be shipped to you by the company. If the goal is not met, the order is cancelled and no money is charged to you or your credit card. Proceeds from shirt sales will be reinvested to purchase bumper stickers that will be available locally and online. Bumper stickers will spread the message to a greater audience and remind the ignorant that we are paying attention - even if they are not! It is our moral obligation to protect those who cannot protect themselves. There comes a time when we are called to act. The time to act is now before another victim headlines the news. Will you choose to be part of the answer? I did. I ordered my shirt last night. Join this worthwhile cause TODAY! Please share
Craig Zac July 16, 2014 at 11:09 am
Great idea and kudos to this kid who invented this but this poor kid is in for a rude awakening whenRead More some moron tries to sue him because he put it in his car and it broke or fell off and the person didn't get reminded that his baby was in the car and it died. Sorry but this is the society we have raised!
April Saine April 23, 2012 at 08:49 pm
Thank you, Gaetana! It was my pleasure to share the beauty of the future park site with you.
Barilyn February 13, 2013 at 11:23 pm
I read in a magazine that some Meals on Wheels programs use paper lunch sacks. I am looking for aRead More service project for my women's group and wondered if your program could use decorated lunch bags?
Patrice Pettinato March 1, 2012 at 06:55 pm
I viewed a few of the videos and one of the women seemed SO very convincing. She stated that theRead More ranch only had about 100 cats left because of coyote attacks. She claimed that the ranch has taken in hundreds of cats and since only 100 are left, that proves they were attacked by coyotes and run over by cars. If the general public watches her video, they will be convinced of Craig’s guilt for animal cruelty. But the woman has no evidence to back up her claims. She just speaks very convincingly. One- there may or may not be coyotes in the area. Have we seen any photos of them? No. Any videos of them scaling the 6-foot fence and attacking? No. Yet she states it very convincingly. And in fact, the ASPCA has counted more than 700 cats so far. Anyone following my logic yet? How would it be if I started spouting out made up facts? Maybe I could suggest perhaps, that the lady who could never find her cats at the ranch (after giving them up) couldn’t find them because the cats just didn’t like her? Maybe they just hid from her when she came to visit and weren’t as she suggested, coyote food? That wouldn’t be nice to say at all, and besides, I have no evidence to support it.
Patrice Pettinato March 1, 2012 at 07:03 pm
Personal agendas and lies pervade this society, and for some reason, we all love a scandal. But ifRead More we all keep believing what other people tell us – without finding out the truth for ourselves – we are all doomed. Say for instance, I decided maybe that the young lady who ‘volunteered’ at the ranch and was part of the secret investigation was sent in by oh, I don’t know, let’s say the head of her department at the University. Let’s pretend that the head of the department was friends with one of Craig’s detractors and was on a mission to bring him down. Let’s pretend that this person had tried on multiple occasions to visit the ranch to do her own inspection and had been turned down so she decided to send one of her students to do her dirty work? If I decided to, I could say on my own blog that this person was helping her friend get back at Craig. You can say anything on the Internet these days and people will believe it. But I won’t say that because I don’t have any evidence of that. What I AM reporting on is what I have seen first-hand at the ranch a volunteer. I am not imagining the care and love the cats received there – I witnessed it. So before you all hang this guy out to dry and let all his babies be euthanized, do some research on your own first.
Patrice Pettinato March 1, 2012 at 07:11 pm
you are soooo right!!! they should have offered to help instead of trap him like that --- and he'sRead More not even guilty!! I heard they staked him out like they were planning a raid on a terrorist encampment and then they rushed in flanked by the media. Disgusting. What I'd like to know is why did these cats wind up at the ranch to begin with if so many homes are supposedly available to them now? The answer is they are not available - and these poor cats are going to suffer because of the hysteria that only a handful of people caused.
Dominique Huff February 17, 2012 at 02:09 am
Congrats Krystine on the coverage of your project. I was excited about it when you told us about itRead More at the Mableton Business Exchange.
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